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Solar Das Bouças DOC (Vinho Verde Branco)

Solar Das Bouças DOC (Vinho Verde Branco)

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Tasting notes: Solar das Bouças Vinho Verde is a young and fresh wine with a citrus hue. Floral and fruity with hints of lemon blossom. In the mouth, it is light, fresh with a discreet and pleasant acidity.

Food recommendation: Great accompaniment to fish dishes, seafood, salads or even to accompany smoked cheeses and sausages. 

Drinking temperature: 8-10°C

Wine Info
Type: Vinho Verde
Region: Demarcated Vinho Verde Region
Cávado Sub-Region 

Aroma: Young, fresh, fruity and floral
Bottle size: 750ml
Alcohol: 11%
Grapes: Loureiro (100%)