Events: Wine With a View inspires the next with Hitachi Ventara

Last week the fastest Wine Bar was invited to be part of a special day for the Hitachi Ventara Portugal family! The Technology and Social Innovation Business was planning a party for their employees and when we were contacted to serve our delicious Portuguese Wine With a View, we were more than delighted!
We absolutely love preparing events, we love personalizing all the important little details, we love the moments of joy and relaxation, we love serving and above of all we love making our guests happy! Making a difference in somebody’s day is what we always aim for and we happily embraced the challenge of having a “Winter in the Summer Party”!
We brought our carefully selected wines and also this year's new addition: Our summer promotions! The team had the secret recipe Sangria ready to delight and stirred the fresh made Port-Tonic cocktails for the thristy guests.
Despite being on a very hot evening, the event was a big success, with a lot of fun for the whole family, animation, activities, music and, thanks to our fully equipped wine truck, ice cold drinks for everyone!
Planning a special day that should just be perfect? Why don’t you surprise your guests with a Wine With a View bar at your event? Contact us for more information!


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