The History of Wine With a View

Wine With a View was born in Lisbon in 2014, when Bárbara Vidal de Moraes had the dream of bringing together the beautiful sights and the delicious wines of Portugal. 

This vision resulted in a truly unique concept: serving wine by the glass at Lisbon's most scenic spots, inviting visitors to take a break and enjoy a wonderful moment.

Our first salespoint was an 1965 converted Portuguese Famel motorcycle, which established Wine With a View at its flagship location, Castelo de São Jorge. 
1965 Converted Famel Motorcyle on Castelo de São Jorge
To spread the fascinating experience that Wine With a View offers, we soon established new locations at Torre de Belém and Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Lisbon.
Our unique motorcycles can also be spotted in exclusive festivals or events, offering our favorite Portuguese wines to life and wine lovers alike.
Our Wine Truck at Torre de Belém
 Upon returning home, many of our guests started asking how they could get hold of the wine that made their experience so special.
That's when we decided to extend the Wine With a View experience to the digital world, effectively offering our visitors, social media fans and all other lovers of Portuguese wine with the possibility of ordering their favourites online and drinking it with their very own view back home.
In our online store we currently offer you around 30 products, including a range of carefully selected Portuguese wines and of course our custom-designed wine glasses.
Wine Glasses on Castelo de São Jorge
Our vision for the future is to let more and more people experience Wine With a View. Therefore, we decided to introduce a franchising concept. If you are as passionate about wine as we are and want to help us spread the concept, we would be more than happy to get in touch with you.