Wine Tasting Experiences

Portuguese Wines Tasting Experience

Want to learn more about Portuguese wines? Nothing better than trying them! Join a Wine With a View Ambassador in tasting delicious reds, crisp whites and fresh vinho verdes from all over Portugal at our Belem Descobrimentos location right by the river. Relax and enjoy the magnificent views and get to taste one of the finest wine countries in the world! 
-From 6€

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Portuguese Sparkling Wines Tasting Experience

Did you know Portugal is home to some fabulous sparkling wines? Come celebrate your Lisbon visit with one of our Wine With a View Ambassadors and enjoy our fabulous dry and rosé sparklings. Sit right next to the wonderful Tejo river and enjoy the moment at our Belem Descobrimentos location.
 - 13€

Port, Madeira and Ginja Tasting Experience

Experience the famous Port, Madeira and Ginja wines by the river at our Belem Descobrimentos location with one of our Wine With a View Ambassadors. Discover the origin of each wine and celebrate like a statesman while enjoying the magnificent river Tejo.
-From 10€

Portuguese Wine and Delicacies Experience

Flavor it up! How about adding some tasty Portuguese snacks to your Wine Tasting session? Come join us for a special treat that brings together great wines and delicious Portuguese snacks. Your Wine With a View Ambassador with serve you a selection of reds, whites, verde and sweet and sparkling wines for you to taste paired with some of our wonderful snacks Have a bite of the one and only Pastel de Nata, satisfy your cheese cravings with authentic Portuguese Cheese and olive skewers, get fruity with some fresh seasonal fruit or go for some savory treats like codfish cakes or artisanal crackers! Is there a better way to enjoy some relaxed time overlooking the Tejo river in Belem Descobrimentos?!
- Consult us about the price of your favorite combos!