Happy Birthday Wine With a View!

It is our great pleasure to announce Wine With a View’s 4th birthday today! Four years ago today, the dream of bringing together some of the best things our amazing country has to offer, became reality!
On July 4th 2014, our very first, original Famel Motorcycle, carefully redesigned and decorated, was stocked up with the most delicious Portuguese wines and ready to delight our first guests with an unbreakable glass of Wine With a View over the beautiful city of Lisbon!
In the walls of the historic Moorish Castle of Saint George, with its breathtaking view, our first day of work started for our team of only four people. We were so nervous and only when we served our first glass of wine did we notice that we had our invoicing system working but we forgot about the cash case! A little green purse, that had been bought from a dear friend who works for an institutuion that helps women, ended up helping us and saved us, and has been ever since a beloved relic that we treasure.
This first day was an absolute success and exceeded all our expectations! We got even more excited and at the end of the day, we had a big smile on our faces and were super motivated for the future! Ever since, we have come a long way: our team has grown to 12 people, we have new wine trucks in Belém and have ventured into the organization of events, wine tastings and Picnics With a View!
It has been a great adventure, an extraordinary journey that we can’t wait to keep on exploring! We love to grow and there have been obstacles and harder times but, in the end, we are proud to have overcome them and just got stronger, wiser and better!
For us, thinking back to the beginning, and looking into the future, the word that comes to our minds is joy. Remembering all the steps and the small and big achievements is just so rewarding and fills us with happiness and pride.
This project is a combination of so many wonderful emotions, we love all the special relationships we have established with the most amazing guests, we love seeing pictures of our glasses’ new views on their adventures with their new owners and we love to prepare unique events, we get excited and we get nervous and seeing the faces of surprise makes everything so worth it!
In short, we can say that we feel blessed for the past four years and there is more to come, of that we are sure! And we are ready!
Wine With a View, Pouring happiness since 2014!
The team celebrating our special day! Sara and Teresa are missing but they were still part of our celebrations!

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