How to sell moments - On creating a flourishing poetic business in Lisbon, staying in the moment and keeping an eye on every detail.


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— Mother of two little and very active boys, Bárbara Vidal de Moraes, in three years has sold more than 100.000 glasses of delightful Portuguese wines wrapped with beautiful Lisbon views.

"David is four years old and was one when I started Wine With A View," Bárbara remembers. "Then in 2015 arrived André".



For Bárbara, it has been a learning process of balancing work and family. "When we started, the idea was to choose places in Lisbon that had fabulous views, where people would desire to take a break and enjoy a beautiful moment. A glass of wine was that special touch we added to something that already existed."
Bárbara and her small team made it happen. They acquired licenses, and today they pay monthly rents for the spots.


Lisbon enjoys an average of 2806  hours of sunshine per year, a blessing for the business that works with the mild winters and warm summers.
So rubin red 1965 converted Portuguese Famel motorcycle and two Piaggio Ape, parked in three picturesque spots in Lisbon, are enjoying the subtropical climate as well.
                      Wine With A View at its flagship location 
                      Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon



                                       MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon 
                                       ph. John Jason


While selling an experience in the tactile world, the brand uses online tools for promotion. "We want to celebrate our guests digitally, so we post pictures of their experience at Wine With A View. We also share, particularly on Instagram, images that reflect the lifestyle we believe portrays the essence of the Wine With A View brand." The team has constant interaction with clients. They reply to all the comments on TripAdvisor and Facebook as well. "It's a lot of work and very demanding for a small team, but we love the feedback. It helps us grow." 

Wine With A View opted for indestructible glasses, which are of a robust and extremely clear plastic, remarkably safe to walk around. "Plus, our glasses are a great souvenir" Bárbara adds.



                      Ph. Tiago Almeida


"Our guests desire to build a memory of a particular moment in Lisbon." The Wine With A View team understands that and tries to craft an experience that can last more than the moment itself.
"We train our ambassadors well; we make sure the wine is always served at the right temperature and that the truck is crystal clean."

— We believe that being helpful and genuinely kind is essential for our business.


The Wine With A View creates tailor-made experiences, too. "The most popular ones are weddings and corporate events, but we are also having increasing requests for bachelorette parties and birthdays."

Bárbara, what have you learned in these years while developing your brand?

"That every detail counts".

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