Newsflash: Wine With a Goooooooal!

Forget Russia, this week, Wine With a View’s hometown Lisbon is hosting the Soccer World Cup! You don’t believe us? But it’s true! From the 23rd to the 29th of September, the inaugural Socca6 World Cup will take place in the iconic Praça do Comércio in Lisbon’s city centre.
And the fastest Wine bar will be there to toast! With our unbreakable Wine With a View glasses, the fun is guaranteed! Come and taste our delicious Portuguese Wines while cheering for your favorite team!
A spectacular purpose-built stadium with a capacity for up to 3000 people will be erected in the city’s Main Square close to all the city’s tourist amenities, providing an idyllic backdrop to the world class football taking place!
The week-long tournament will feature the best national 6-a-side teams from across the globe, and is being supported by a number of local businesses, such as Wine With a View, as well as receiving substantial support from the local government.
Lisbon is going to be the first city to host this event and the 32 national teams that are participating. Portugal’s group will be Paraguay, Turkey and Greece and, if we pass to the quarter-finals, our opponent team might be either Spain, Pakistan, Moldavia or Russia.
What are you waiting for? Come see this amazing sportive event and enjoy a glass of Wine With a View over the river, the old town and of course, the socca-players!


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