Wine in Moderation

Wine With a View proudly announces its engagement with Wine In Moderation, “to encourage moderate and responsible consumption of wine”. 

As stated on their site, “The WiM Association is the international association, founded by wine sector associa­tions and leading wine companies, that cen­trally coordinates the Wine in Moderation Programme and expands its reach and impact throughout the world”, and Wine With a View believes strongly in their premise: “Wine, only appreciated in moderation”.

After the festive season, which is for most of us a period of excesses, it is time to get back to a healthier lifestyle, which is only compatible with responsible and moderate consumption patterns of wine. It should be appreciated and enjoyed for its flavor, and not consumed in abusive ways that can be damaging.

Wine is a big part of many cultures and traditions, we drink it with a nice dinner with our loved ones and at whatever celebration it cannot be missed. We like it because of its taste and its values, but in order to enjoy its qualities and healthy properties, it is crucial to promote and adopt a responsible and moderate consumption.

Therefore, Wine With a View is proud to be part of this wine value chain, which “brings an invaluable social, cultural, agricultural, environmental and economic contribution to regions and countries”, contributing in the fight against alcohol-related harm.

We love wine, and everyday there are new studies confirming its benefits. Apart from its relaxing features and the mental happiness it provides, it can also be favoring physical health, of course only if consumed moderately. It is also a core part of the Portuguese Mediterranean diet, along with olive (oil), fish and vegetables; which together are known to be one of the healthiest diets, promoting longevity.

Some of the advantages of wine are immune system boosts; increased bone density; lowered cholesterol; a reduced risk of strokes, type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases; or the antioxidants, found especially in white wines, which fight off bad cells.

To benefit from all of these and more advantages, keep in mind to have no more than one or two glasses, or else the opposite of these benefits might happen. Also, if you are having a special come-together with your friends, family or loved ones, you’d want to enjoy - and remember – the moment to its fullest, right?

You know what you can abuse of, without feeling guilty? Breathtaking views! With that in mind, Wine With a View wishes everyone a happy new Year in great health with the help of a nice glass of wine and many, many fantastic views!

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