Wine With a View events: How to turn a garage into a concert venue!

As some of you already know, Wine With a View loves challenges! And because our little Wine Truck is the fastest wine bar in Lisboa, it is always ready to deliver delicious wines to the most amazing celebrations!
Last week, the Wine Truck was invited by a fellow small car to be part of a wonderful event that combined the modern and innovative Smart with the traditional Portuguese Fado music.
We were more than excited by this concept and together we planned a marvelous evening at the car garage where Wine With a View turned into a caterer and provided not only our famous wine but also the typical Portuguese soup Caldo Verde, little tasty bread rolls stuffed with Portuguese sausage and coffee to delight the guests in the concert breaks.
The idea of hosting a Fado concert with amazingly talented artists in the middle of a garage, having Smarts adorning the venue was beautifully refreshing and different from everything that you’d usually see, and therefore a big success!
The Wine With a View team made sure to turn the location into a comfy Fado-inspired spot, carefully decorating the tables and of course the Wine Truck with all the details for the little extra, providing cozy heaters and the right romantic lighting for a perfect evening.
The guests, children and adults alike, had a wonderful time tasting our Portuguese wines and warm snacks while listening to the fantastic Fado singers, who for their final performance also surprised the audience with a traditional-modern fusion: A rapper joined the stage and together, they presented a charmingly balanced song about the newest Smart model. We loved every second!
To listen to the song, click here!
Are you planning a special event for your company? A surprise birthday party for your best friend? A Christmas come-together with your family? Whatever it is that you have in mind, contact us to make your big day extra perfect!

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