Wine With a View launches Photography contest: #winewithmyview


Let’s take a moment and let the words «Wine With a View» sink in and think about its meaning! What is «Wine With a View»? What message does «Wine With a View» convey?
For us, «Wine With a View» combines two of the most enjoyable things in life: delicious wine in all its variations and the simple beauty of some of the most amazing views our world has to offer! Together, they invite us to take a break from our (sometimes) stressful life, sit back and experience unique, relaxing and memorable moments.
And the only way to make this kind of moments even more special? Sharing them! Because, as the old Swedish proverb states: shared joy is doubled joy!
Today’s technology is a big helper in the mission of sharing our very own special moments with all the people that are important to us, enabling us to inspire others on multiple platforms. It has been wonderful and truly empowering to see how many people from all around the world we have reached already, and how they, how you, have spread the message and shared the moments.
Over the years, we have received the most creative and exhilarating postcard-like pictures from our dear wine- and viewlovers from all over the planet, which inspired us to create the photography contest #winewithmyview, to motivate all of you, talented photographers, passionate wine appreciators or skilled moment-catchers to participate and qualify yourself to win a bottle of high-quality Portuguese wine and two Wine With a View limited edition glasses.
Sounds just perfect for you, right!? Visit #winewithmyviewcontest for more info!
Need some inspiration?
Here are some of our favorite postcards!
Torre de Belém
Notre Dame
Cologne, Germany
Castelo de S. Jorge
Special thanks to @melissa_claret, @darikomogzauri,, @navsikaya, @justlerochka, @konstantinovanatasha, @xaviermerianesio and @jolkah88!

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