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Moscatel de Setúbal Colheita 2015

Moscatel de Setúbal Colheita 2015

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Tasting notes: Intense moscatel aroma, orange flower, citrons, tea and raisins. In the mouth, the fruit is intense. A full-bodied wine, with sweet and sour sensations, and a long and persistent finish.

Food recommendation: Ideal as an aperitif, to accompany a coffee or a dessert of dark chocolate. We recommend to serve this wine slightly fresh.

Drinking temperature: ~10°C

Wine Info
Type: Muscat Wine
Year: 2015
Region: Setúbal, Portugal
Aroma: Muscat, Orange, Citrus
Bottle size: 750ml
Alcohol: 17.3%
Grapes: Moscatel de Setúbal