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Ginjinha MSR (Alcobaça) 50cl

Ginjinha MSR (Alcobaça) 50cl

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Tasting notes: Our absolutely natural Ginjinha has an intense fragrance and taste of sour cherry.

Drinking notes: Ginjinha can be enjoyed at any moment, whether as an aperitif or digestive, in cocktails or for cooking. 

Drinking temperature: 15-18°C. Enjoy it chilled when the weather is warm!

Reviews and Awards: 
  • 2012: "Best of the Best" Medal in the national Convent Pastries & Liqueurs contest
  • 2014: Gold medal award for Ginja Liqueurs at national contest.
Wine Info
Region: Alcobaça, Portugal
Type: Liqueur
Aroma: Sweet Cherry
Color: Ruby with a brownish tinge
Bottle size: 500 ml
Alcohol: 20%
Ingredients: Sour cherry, water, alcohol