Creating memories

Wine With a View has one big goal. One, that is much more important than selling tasty wine. Much more than a nice view and so much more than satisfying clients. It’s all of that, but so much more. It is about creating memories, about exceeding expectations, about making every guest’s experience unique and memorable, because to us, each guest is special, and we always strive to make them feel just that. To us, it’s about all the tiny details that make the difference.
And the special ingredient to be able to make this happen? To surprise and to amaze? It is called ‘passion’. We believe that our passion is our strength and for us it’s either done with passion, or not at all! We are absolutely passionate about receiving, about surprising and about doing everything to carefully prepare and create the most amazing minutes, hours or days for our guests.
It’s hard to describe the feeling we get when a new request drops in. It’s a mix of excitement, happiness and pride when someone contacts us to help them organize an important date or special moment. We gather together and get as creative as possible to not only meet but highly exceed the person’s expectation!
Over the past four years we have had many special occasions, that have become important dates and wonderful memories not only for our guests but also for us. Whatever you have in mind, we never say no and do our best to come up with the perfect idea for their project.
Just a few weeks ago we were contacted with the most amazing story: a guest from Argentina emailed us to ask for a special wine-tasting. He had been at Wine With a View two years ago and loved the experience so much that he told all his friends about it and when they booked their flights to Russia to see the Soccer World Cup, they had a layover in Lisbon. They decided to spend the few hours they got in Lisbon to come and get to know Wine With a View!
We were so touched and started immediately to prepare everything for the big day. Unfortunately, their flight got delayed and they didn’t have enough time to come to the São Jorge Castle, our new Argentinian friend wanted to show his group. However, since they really wanted to take their unbreakable souvenir glasses on their trip and we always try to go one step further, we sent their glasses all the way to their address in Russia.
The group was thrilled and during their two-week stay we kept in contact, because on the way back they had another layover in Lisbon! This time everything went just as planned and we could finally welcome our guests in a beautiful spot in the “cork corner” of the Castelo de São Jorge.
We cooled the wine, placed all the personalized decoration in their right position, prepared the Portuguese delicacies on the stone table and were ready!
We always get a little bit nervous as we want everything to be just perfect, but in the end, when they were finally here, we couldn’t be happier. Their smiles are truly priceless and absolutely contagious, giving us the feeling of accomplishment! We can say this was a huge success and filled our hearts with happiness!

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