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Sip Sip Horray! 6 reasons why you NEED a Wine With a View glass! (Plus a bonus one!)

When we first started Wine With a View, our main concern were to find the perfect, wines. They had to be Portuguese, delicious, from different regions, for different tastes, of different kinds… there was a lot to decide! And obviously, we needed glasses to serve the selected ones! However, we could have never even dreamed of how much of an icon our customized Wine With a View glass would become! Here are 6 reason explaining their popularity and why you should definitely get one of your own! 1. It is a souvenir! You get to keep your glass whenever you visit us to enjoy some Portuguese wine, so you can forever remember the relaxing moment of the Wine With a...

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Newsflash: Grab a glass of Wine With a View and watch the bats!

  Looking for a unique experience? Doing something different that nor you neither your kids will forget that fast? Why don’t go to the After Hours session in the Castelo de São Jorge this Saturday at 8.30 pm?! Make sure to grab your unbreakable souvenir Wine With a View glass, watch the mesmerizing sunset and go on a discovery adventure with a biologist! Take a night-time walk through the castle and, with the help of an ultrasound detector, discover, observe and identify the various species of bats that live here, such as the European free-tailed bat, the common pipistrelle, the Daubenton's bat and the serotine bat! The “Bats in the Castle” ticket costs 10€, but there are half-price discounts for...

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What Wine With a View means to me

For me, Wine With a View is much more than a job. To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like a job at all. I don’t feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m truly doing what I love. And I am so grateful for this every single day. Sometimes, I stay up late and read all the wonderful comments on Facebook or Instagram and I just feel so much love about all the joy Wine With a View has brought into my life. And in the next morning, I wake up with a smile and get ready to see what the new day has to offer! - Para mim, a Wine With a View é muito mais do que...

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Creating memories

Wine With a View has one big goal. One, that is much more important than selling tasty wine. Much more than a nice view and so much more than satisfying clients. It’s all of that, but so much more. It is about creating memories, about exceeding expectations, about making every guest’s experience unique and memorable, because to us, each guest is special, and we always strive to make them feel just that. To us, it’s about all the tiny details that make the difference. - A Wine With a View tem um grande objetivo. Um, que é muito mais importante do que vender vinho delicioso. Muito mais que uma boa vista e muito mais que satisfazer clientes. É tudo isso,...

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Life is a collection of moments, and at Wine With a View, we create unforgettable ones!

If we had to pick one word to describe the Wine With a View team, it would definitely be ‘passionate’. Passionate about wine, passionate about beautiful views, passionate about our amazing guests, passionate about the little things, the small details that make all the difference, passionate about putting our hearts in everything we do, passionate about turning the Wine With a View experience into a truly meaningful and unforgettable moment, passionate about creating memories! Last Sunday, the 27th of May, used to be a very special date to two of our dear guests and is now an unforgettable day for us, too! What was the day the lovely couple met, turned into the day he proposed with a Wine With...

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