Newsflash: Grab a glass of Wine With a View and watch the bats!


Looking for a unique experience? Doing something different that nor you neither your kids will forget that fast? Why don’t go to the After Hours session in the Castelo de São Jorge this Saturday at 8.30 pm?! Make sure to grab your unbreakable souvenir Wine With a View glass, watch the mesmerizing sunset and go on a discovery adventure with a biologist!
Take a night-time walk through the castle and, with the help of an ultrasound detector, discover, observe and identify the various species of bats that live here, such as the European free-tailed bat, the common pipistrelle, the Daubenton's bat and the serotine bat!
The “Bats in the Castle” ticket costs 10€, but there are half-price discounts for families and groups! Don’t miss the opportunity, every Saturday in August and September at 20.30h!
For more info and advance booking, contact or +351 218 800 620

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