Sip Sip Horray! 6 reasons why you NEED a Wine With a View glass! (Plus a bonus one!)

When we first started Wine With a View, our main concern were to find the perfect, wines. They had to be Portuguese, delicious, from different regions, for different tastes, of different kinds… there was a lot to decide! And obviously, we needed glasses to serve the selected ones! However, we could have never even dreamed of how much of an icon our customized Wine With a View glass would become!
Here are 6 reason explaining their popularity and why you should definitely get one of your own!
1. It is a souvenir! You get to keep your glass whenever you visit us to enjoy some Portuguese wine, so you can forever remember the relaxing moment of the Wine With a View experience!

2. It gives you a discount! If you bring it back to our Wine With a View truck for a refill, you get a reduced price!

3. It is unbreakable! The glasses are made of high quality polycarbonate, meaning that they won’t break, fit in your suitcase and are perfect to take on picnics, boat-trips, pool-parties… and on whatever adventure with a beautiful view you can think of!
4. It is the perfect Instagram picture! We have come to realize that the stylish glasses make our guests want to take a break, sit back and take pictures of their drink, to capture a great moment! And since you can take them with you wherever you go, there is nothing that we love more than seeing postcards of the new views of our glasses!

5. It is Portuguese! Such as all our wines are exclusively Portuguese, also the glasses come from a Portuguese producer. We love the wonderful Portuguese wine and are very proud to increase its popularity by serving it to our dear guests from all over the world! Whenever you bring your Wine With a View glass home, full of amazing memories of our wine and the marvelous views, we feel like our mission was accomplished!

6. We have a new design! Our brand new improved logo is even prettier than before and represents us even better!

    Still not convinced? Here is the big BONUS reason! (And probably even the most important!)
    7. Our glasses are sustainable! Being reusable and recycable, we try to combat plastic waste and fight for a more sustainable world!
    What are you waiting for? Get yours now! Cheers!

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