Life is a collection of moments, and at Wine With a View, we create unforgettable ones!

If we had to pick one word to describe the Wine With a View team, it would definitely be ‘passionate’. Passionate about wine, passionate about beautiful views, passionate about our amazing guests, passionate about the little things, the small details that make all the difference, passionate about putting our hearts in everything we do, passionate about turning the Wine With a View experience into a truly meaningful and unforgettable moment, passionate about creating memories!
Last Sunday, the 27th of May, used to be a very special date to two of our dear guests and is now an unforgettable day for us, too! What was the day the lovely couple met, turned into the day he proposed with a Wine With a View picnic, six years later! Spoiler alert: she said yes!!!
When we first heard about their story, we were so touched and super excited to start preparing everything! The groom-to-be reached out to us, telling us about their romantic story, about how they came to Lisbon together a few years ago and enjoyed a beautiful and happy moment together at the Castelo de São Jorge with a glass of Wine With a View over Lisbon. We were already very moved by this, but when he went on and said “At that moment I thought if I will ever marry her I will propose on this place” we almost shed a tear of joy!
Of course we were more than happy to be part of this truly marvelous story and although we had already had some proposals before, this was our first Wine With a View Picnic Proposal! We were thrilled! Weeks of preparations followed, no detail was left improvised. The team got creative and discussed the menu, picked flowers, candles and garlands, painted, printed, cut and glued bespoke decorations specially for this event, with as much passion as if it was our own proposal!
Then, the big day came! On their arrival at the airport, we picked them up, disguised as an Uber driver, playing their special playlist the surprise-loving groom had sent us. His soon-to-be wife was quite surprised by the songs but still wasn’t suspecting anything! In the meantime, the team set up the picnic location, in a romantic secret spot up in the walls of the castle, overlooking the beautiful city of Lisbon they had fallen in love with.
Everything was just perfect when they finally got to the castle and our nervous friend just couldn’t wait any longer! He got down on one knee and could finally ask the question of all questions! It was a truly precious moment and after hearing the word he had been waiting for so long, they fell into each other’s arms and were more than ready for a cool glass of sparkling Wine With a View to celebrate!
After cheering to their happy-ever-after, they got comfortable on the Wine With a View Picnic pillows and blankets and were delighted by the Portuguese snacks and delicacies the team had prepared with personalized and loving details.
We can say this was a huge success and Wine With a View is definitely in love! We are ready for June, for the festivities of the Saints in the traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon and the Santo Antonio weddings, the wedding saint of Lisbon who will definitely bless this month! Ready for the bachelor/ette parties, for the beach and farm weddings, for the baby showers and anniversary parties!

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