Thank you, Wine With a View ambassadors!

With this week’s completion of our very first #winewithmyview photography contest, we believe it is time to say thank you. Thank you to everybody who participated in the contest, sharing their favorite Wine With a View moments, letting us know that they have special memories connected to our glasses, with their views. Thank you to everyone who voted and took part in some way in the contest. Thank you to Jolanta, who was our first champion and shared such a wonderful photo, of our glass with her beautiful view in Budapest. She took the glass with her to enjoy the Wine With a View experience, far from where it started in Lisbon, but still connected to us!
We prepared her this personalized special prize, to let her know how much we appreciated her participation, her effort and her! Cheers to our #winewithaviewambassador Jolanta!
 Thank you, to all our truly amazing Wine With a View Ambassadors! Knowing that our glasses have travelled all over the world, in our wonderful WWAV Ambassadors’ suitcases, getting filled with new wines, new memories and new views, fills us with so much happiness and pride! There are people, who have been with us since the very beginning, such as beautiful Aleksandra Nikiforova, who has been travelling and posting her amazing Wine With a View pictures since our opening in 2014!
Thank you to amazing Valeria Stetsura, who has, over the years, created and shared the most breath-taking photos, and just doesn´t cease to amaze us with her talent!
Thank you to wonderful Caroline Demoor, the biggest Catarina White Wine fan we know!
A special Thank you also to Roderik Mos, our very first guest who visited us at the Saint George Castle, took our souvenir glass with him and sent us a picture of our glasses, with his view! Amazing!
Muito obrigada to our Brazilian Ambassadors! There are so many of you and we cherish each and everyone of you!
Cheers, super talented Luciana Pires!
Cheers to love, Ana Elisabete!
Cheers to friendship! Thank you Jody Deserranno and Steve Koll, for having kept our glasses for a year, coming back and bringing your glasses with you again! How great is that?
Thank you Tanya van Paris, Ishani D, Carolyn Dow, Laurentiu Bogdan, Matias Edry, just to name a few of our loyal and great followers, supporters and ambassadors! All of you are just amazing, and we can’t express our gratitude to have you with us, in words! The relationships we have been developing with so many of you over the time, are honestly so important to us, every contact means a lot to us and every picture, every comment, every message are so touching and so heart-warming. Thank you!
Some of our ambassadors have been with us from the very beginning and some have just recently gotten to know us and everyday we are amazed by how many of you are out there, sharing your Wine With a View moment with us and with the world!
For us, it means so much that so many of you have come to our Wine With a View carts, engaged in the experience of stopping for a little bit, sitting back with a glass of fine Portuguese wine and soaking up the environment. And then created a special memory!
Because this is the whole idea behind Wine With a View: to take a step back from our busy and hectic lives, to pause and relax, to contemplate and just enjoy the moment. To have a glass of wine and to just be, just breath and let the views fill our eyes and hearts with pure happiness. Because Wine With a View is precisely that: Wine and Views. We are so proud to be promoting the truly amazing, high quality and simply delicious Portuguese wines!
And the views, the surrounding, the context and the people we are with to share the moment, are as important as the wine itself!
And when you share all of this with us, via photos, texts, comments, messages, hashtags… and when you take our glasses to repeat the experience elsewhere, creating new moments and memories, we get a feeling of accomplishment, of pride and bliss!

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