Wine With a View presents: Picnic With a View

At Wine With a View we never stand still and strive to make our wonderful guests’ experience better every day! So, we were thinking what could possibly be better than pairing amazing places and the most fantastic views with delicious wines from all over Portugal? And then it hit us! How about adding food to this scenario?!
 “Everything was wonderful, more than we could even expect”
And not just any food, but traditional Portuguese recipes and local delicacies from different regions, for an authentic and yummy journey through the flavors of Portugal! There is cheese from the Azores islands, handmade with milk from happy cows that graze only the best herbs and grass;  artesanal bread, the basis for all Portuguese meals and of course, the most famous of all: the pastel de nata, the Portuguese egg tart pastry invented in the 18th century by Catholic monks. But there is much more! Our picnic guests are delighted by traditional snack, and our olives that can’t be missing in any Portuguese picnic! The rest is a surprise! 
Obviously we are prepared to adjust to all preferences and diet restrictions!
 “We absolutely loved the picnic lunch”
Our team makes sure that everything is just perfect for a well-deserved relaxing moment or special occasion that we love to organize! Everything is highly personalized with a lot of thought and love for the details, which has been our hallmark for the past four years. Apart from the refreshing wine, delicious food and magnificent views of the lovely garden at the Belém Tower (or other beautiful and special locations), there is loads of fun times with Trivia Wine Games and many surprises!
 “What we loved: the thought and care that went into the food, décor, wine and setting (some shade, some sun and amazing views). It was perhaps the most relaxed we were for our entire trip”
And the best of all of this? Because we want to enjoy our beautiful world for a long time and live in harmony with nature, we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our Picnics With a View are zero-waste and plastic-free, prepared in reusable glass containers and washable cloths. Our famous unbreakable Wine With a View glasses are made of polycarbonate and also reusable, secure and recyclable!
Our goal is to create a moment of peace, of genuine laughter and of gratefulness for the people we get to create these memories with. An experience where you can lay on the soft grass, feel the warm sun on your cheek, fill your lungs with a deep breath of fresh air and just soak up the atmosphere… Just imagine yourself laying back on a comfortable blanket, with one of our unbreakable glasses of your favorite wine and some tasty snacks, watching birds and wondering about nothing but the curious shapes of some fluffy clouds, up in the blue sky…
Craving for a yummy, mouth-watering combo of Portuguese specialties with a glass of delicious Portuguese wine and an amazing view? How about taking your loved one on a romantic Wine With a View pic-nic?! Or your best friends on a well-deserved, relaxed day to catch up? Your family on a fun outdoor adventure? 
What are you waiting for? Book your unforgettable Picnic With a View experience now! The Picnic will be ready and set up for you, all you need to bring is a smile and the will to spend a perfect relaxing day in wonderful company!

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