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February is the month of love, and what pairs better with love and its celebration, than wine? Not much, to be honest. However, there are a few things that match perfectly with the amazing pair of love and wine: flowers, chocolate, the perfect surrounding, and, of course, the most special company!

When we first started Wine With a View in the summer of 2014, at our flagship location at the Castle of S. Jorge, it had never crossed our minds that it would be just the perfect setting for all kinds of super romantic gestures, such as marriage proposals! Truth is, the wonderful Moorish castle, the breath-taking view with its magical sunsets, and a little wine truck providing the right deliciousness to celebrate love, is pretty much everything you could want for a super special moment!

And there have been quite a lot happy couples, who promised their love to each other, with a glass of Wine With a View!

July 21 2014 - Today we were blessed with nothing less than a marriage proposal celebrated with Wine With a View sparkling! Congratulations to our Polish guests and thank you for bringing us into this memorable moment in your lives! 

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The reason why so many people fall madly, deeply in love with wine has little to do with tannins or hints of oak or fruits. It’s because of the way it makes us feel— warmly, vibrantly, delightfully buzzed.

This is what we, at Wine With a View believe in. We believe in love and in unique experiences, involving a delicious (Portuguese) wine shared with a wonderful person, sitting back, relaxing and gazing at a breath-taking view to create a magical moment.


What else could you want? Believe it or not, but there is in fact something to top off this truly heavenly scenario! Because, what could be more pleasurable, romantic (and mouthwatering!) than adding a piece of chocolate to the equation!? Just like wine, it is a symbol of passion and that is why also at Wine With a View, they have been a passionate couple!

In this week’s blog post, we will show you how to pair these lovely aphrodisiacs, wine and chocolate, in the best way, along with some other interesting facts!


Both wine and chocolate contain antioxidants, turning them into a not-so-guilty pleasure! Enjoyed in moderation, both of them, apart from being delicious, have many health benefits: boosting the brain, and the mood, helping the control appetite, improving digestion and boosting the immune system, to name only a few. 


Pairing wine and chocolate can be tricky as both are very strong in flavor. The general rule is: for the best results, the wine should always be slightly sweeter than the chocolate, as chocolate has tannins, too (called flavanols) meaning that a dry wine paired with chocolate is not a good match, as the distinct types of compounds will create a sour and bitter taste in the mouth. However, since cocoa beans are naturally fruity, chocolate and fruity red wine, (such as the delicious Quinta da Bacalhôa Red or the Tinto da Ânfora) are great together.


Another rule of thumb is to pair wine and chocolate according to their color – lighter wine for white chocolate, heavy reds or fortified wines, such as Port, for bitter sweet dark chocolate. A classic and yummy pairing is the Ruby Port with Dark Chocolate Truffles. Together, they create a new creamy chocolate-raspberry flavor in the mouth. Delicous! Also, the Moscatel Roxo 5 years from Bacalhoa in Setúbal with its intense moscatel aroma, orange flower, citrons, tea and raisins, is great with dark chocolate. This full-bodied wine, with sweet and sour sensations, has a long and persistent finish, making it perfect to combine with a dark and strong piece of chocolate. 


With milk chocolate, go for a medium sweet Madeira wine. The Barbeito Boal Reserve, honey colored wine with aromas of dried fruit, floral and yellow fruit jam, is a round medium bodied wine, slightly smoked, with finishing fresh and tangy. It is excellent as a digestive with chocolate, Christmas pudding, crystallized fruits and also cheese. 


White chocolate, since it doesn’t contain cacao (and hence no flavanols either), does match with dry red wines! It also goes very well with sweet rosés, such as the florar and intense Serras de Azeitão Rosé, creating a sophisticated sweet taste.


And this one is the most important rule: Just like anything, chocolate and wine pairing are a matter of taste, and the best one is the one you love the most! Keep in mind, moderation is key!

What are your favorite wines and chocolates? Share your most cherished pairing with us! 

Craving for a yummy, mouth-watering combo of your favorite chocolate with a glass of delicious Portuguese wine and an amazing view? How about taking your loved one on a romantic Wine With a View pic-nic?! Just imagine yourself laying back on a comfortable blanket, with one of our unbreakable glasses of your favorite wine and some tasty, snacks watching birds and wondering about nothing but the curious shapes of some fluffy clouds, up in the blue sky… ahh how wonderful does that sound?! Don't hesitate to contact us for bookings!


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