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Holy Lisbon!

It’s June and that means party all month for Lisbon! The whole city is in a (holy!) party fever because it’s the months of the saints, as we call it in Portugal. In the month where we celebrate Saint António’s (Lisbon’s city holiday on 13th of June) and Saint João (Porto’s city holiday on 24th of June), the weather is warm, and everybody is out on the colorfully decorated streets till late in the night! The traditional downtown part of the city, with its typical aroma of fresh basil and grilled sardines gets filled with people ready for the parades, popular dances and music, outdoor sardine grilling sessions, cold drinks and of course the traditional Portuguese “petiscos” that can’t be...

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Life is a collection of moments, and at Wine With a View, we create unforgettable ones!

If we had to pick one word to describe the Wine With a View team, it would definitely be ‘passionate’. Passionate about wine, passionate about beautiful views, passionate about our amazing guests, passionate about the little things, the small details that make all the difference, passionate about putting our hearts in everything we do, passionate about turning the Wine With a View experience into a truly meaningful and unforgettable moment, passionate about creating memories! Last Sunday, the 27th of May, used to be a very special date to two of our dear guests and is now an unforgettable day for us, too! What was the day the lovely couple met, turned into the day he proposed with a Wine With...

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Wine With a View presents: Wine Tasting Experiences!

Here at Wine With a View we strive to grow and improve every day to be able to provide our guests the most amazing and unforgettable moments. Therefore, we are very proud to announce our newest addition to our experiences: The Wine With a View Tastings! We created five unique experiences of different categories, so that everyone can choose their favorites! Our packages include the Portuguese Wines Tasting; the Sparkling Wines Tasting; the Port, Madeira, Moscatel and Ginja Tasting; the Best in Class Tasting and the Wine With a View Wines and Delicacies Experience, which includes some of Portugal’s most delicious treats, such as the famous Pastel de Nata, artisanal Wine With a View crackers, codfish cakes and a cheese...

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Improving skills, getting better every day

After a long and dry winter, Portugal has finally been blessed with a very much needed rain. For us at Wine With a View, that means that we have to close, but not that we stand still! We always strive to learn more, improve our skills, boost our knowledge to keep making our guests’ experience the best we can! .  Depois de um inverno longo e seco, Portugal foi finalmente abençoado pela chuva tão preciosa. Para nós na Wine With a View isso significa que temos de fechar, mas não que ficamos parados! Estamos constantemente empenhados em aprender mais, melhorar as nossas capacidades e aumentar o nosso conhecimento para continuar a fazer a experiência dos nossos visitantes a melhor possível!...

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Speaking of love

Where there is no wine there is no love.  Euripides. Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. Benjamin Franklin. February is the month of love, and what pairs better with love and its celebration, than wine? Not much, to be honest. However, there are a few things that match perfectly with the amazing pair of love and wine: flowers, chocolate, the perfect surrounding, and, of course, the most special company! When we first started Wine With a View in the summer of 2014, at our flagship location at the Castle of S. Jorge, it had never crossed our minds that it would be just the perfect setting for all kinds of super romantic...

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