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Cheers to gratefulness, Cheers to dreams coming true, Cheers to life

It had always been my dream to run my own business, to do something that excites me, to make a difference. While I was searching for the perfect idea with that special sparkle, I had never thought that it would end up being a wine-related business. Not because I’m not passionate about wines, no, I really am a true Wine-Lover and especially Portuguese ones have stolen my heart. However, I did not imagine myself with a traditional wine bar or anything of this kind. . Desde sempre que tinha sido o meu sonho ter o meu próprio negócio, fazer algo que me faz vibrar, fazer a diferença. Enquanto estava a procura da ideia perfeita, com aquele brilho especial, nunca me...

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Improving skills, getting better every day

After a long and dry winter, Portugal has finally been blessed with a very much needed rain. For us at Wine With a View, that means that we have to close, but not that we stand still! We always strive to learn more, improve our skills, boost our knowledge to keep making our guests’ experience the best we can! .  Depois de um inverno longo e seco, Portugal foi finalmente abençoado pela chuva tão preciosa. Para nós na Wine With a View isso significa que temos de fechar, mas não que ficamos parados! Estamos constantemente empenhados em aprender mais, melhorar as nossas capacidades e aumentar o nosso conhecimento para continuar a fazer a experiência dos nossos visitantes a melhor possível!...

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Speaking of love

Where there is no wine there is no love.  Euripides. Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. Benjamin Franklin. February is the month of love, and what pairs better with love and its celebration, than wine? Not much, to be honest. However, there are a few things that match perfectly with the amazing pair of love and wine: flowers, chocolate, the perfect surrounding, and, of course, the most special company! When we first started Wine With a View in the summer of 2014, at our flagship location at the Castle of S. Jorge, it had never crossed our minds that it would be just the perfect setting for all kinds of super romantic...

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Thank you, Wine With a View ambassadors!

With this week’s completion of our very first #winewithmyview photography contest, we believe it is time to say thank you. Thank you to everybody who participated in the contest, sharing their favorite Wine With a View moments, letting us know that they have special memories connected to our glasses, with their views. Thank you to everyone who voted and took part in some way in the contest. Thank you to Jolanta, who was our first champion and shared such a wonderful photo, of our glass with her beautiful view in Budapest. She took the glass with her to enjoy the Wine With a View experience, far from where it started in Lisbon, but still connected to us! We prepared her...

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Get to know Portuguese wine regions - the Douro region

Portugal may be a small state, but Wine With a View’s home country is huge in wine varieties and regions, all of them producing very distinctive wines. If you have ever had the chance to enjoy a glass of Wine With a View, you have most certainly seen our menu, or our truck’s map, showcasing the regions from where our wines come from. Curious to learn more about them? Today, since it is still cold outside and a nice and strong fortified wine is definitely a good choice, we want you to get to know a bit more of the Douro region, the origin of one of Portuguese most famous wine: The Port wine. What it distinguishes from common wines,...

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